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EqualsEquals Hackathon

(What is EqualsEquals?)

Equals Equals is a new kind of hackathon meant to introduce and expose underrepresented minorities to careers in technology and technology entrepreneurship. It's kind of like a design sprint and a hackathon had a baby, and it's name was Equals Equals.

Community and inclusion breeds innovation, excitement, and motivation to solve some pretty tough problems.

Our hope is that this event will not only get underrepresented groups excited about technology and it's capabilities, but also about the impact it can have on the issues and communities that they are most passionate about.

EqualsEquals was founded by our benevolent ruler Sean:

Do you like data? Well here's some stats about last year's event for all the data scientists out there

There's also some free cybersecurity resources courtesy of Sean!


Here's our official schedule for the 2019 EqualsEquals hackathon event (but it's still being finalized):

Saturday, March 9th8:0 AMSet up
10:00 AMOpening ceremony
10:30 AMHacking begins
11:00 AMWebStatic tech talk (Alex Lugo)
12:00 PMCapital One tech talk
1:00 PMLunch
2:00 PMAR tech talk (Soumya Pattanayak)
3:00 PMGooglers Q&A
5:00 PMBuilding serverless apps with Firebase (Mathew Muccio)
6:00 PMDinner
Sunday, March 10th11:00 AMSubmit your projects
12:00 PMDemos
1:00 PMClosing ceremony
2:00 PMBreak down


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